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Our mission is to create the best vacuum tube, or valve if you're in the UK, amplifier resource site with an emphasis on guitar amplifiers. We have one of the largest tube amplifier schematics section on the web, as well as a very comprehensive collection of information to help you build or work on your own tube amplifier. We will also add tube amplifier building articles from time to time. This project is designed to be more that just a website, but also serve as a place where people can come together, discuss projects and ask questions. This site will also have tons of unique content like schematics, tube data, articles and links to the best tube amplifier and electronics companies to do business with.


Check Out Matt's New Custom Vox AC-30 TBX Amplifier Project!



At the heart of every musician is his equipment. Since RCA released the instructions for a tube amplifier with their product like a bag of chocolate chips shows a recipe, tube amplifiers have been the musicians choice. RCA was trying to sell more tubes, and could never have envisioned the guitar tube amplifier revolution they were about to create. Most players still view tube amplifiers as the ultimate way to make their music sing. The biggest reason is that the tubes are truly analog, and create the perfect harmonics. The solid-state amps are sounding better, but nothing beats an old Fender Bassmaster or in my opinion a Marshall TSL.

Recently there have been a lot of manufacturers like Fender and Marshall releasing hand wired versions of vintage amps. They are trying to capture what the DIY tube amplifier gurus have knows for decades. The best sound, with true character, comes from hand wiring and custom fabrication. Most of the custom amps look cooler too. The point-to-point wiring of a vintage tube amp is also very easy to work on and customize. Here you will find schematics and tips to fix your vintage amps, and maybe some ideas for new amps with vintage tone.


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